5 February 2015

How to name your lifeboat

What would you call your boat?

It’s a big decision. Should your name be lucky or funny? Straightforward or sentimental? Here at the RNLI, with a fleet of 349 lifeboats, that’s a lot of decision making. So we’re glad that the benefactors who fund our lifeboats take on the challenge of giving these craft names with the dignity they deserve. Or, failing that, a good old-fashioned pun.

Here, we take a look at the stories behind 10 colourful lifeboat names through the RNLI’s history. We start at the beginning, with Original. Or do we?

Can you tell us the story behind a great lifeboat's name? Or perhaps the name of your boat has a story of its own? Get in touch in the comments below or on Twitter: @mazzadi.