1. Immediately call BDMLR

If in England, Scotland or Wales, call:

If in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, see the end of this article for other organisations that may be able to help.

2. Keep dogs and crowds clear

It can be exciting to see a dolphin or whale on the beach and the temptation is to crowd around and watch.

Fit and able people may be able to help with steps 4-7 in the next section, but ask observers to stand well back and keep dogs away from the area.

The first priority is to prevent unnecessary stress, as this can cause death in an otherwise healthy animal that could have been refloated.

3. Do not attempt a refloat

Unless you are specifically advised to by a medic, do not try to refloat the animal. Sadly, cetaceans have usually stranded for a reason. They may need medical attention and such an attempt could cause additional suffering.

4. Stay and keep watch

If it’s safe to do so, follow the next steps.