Built in Grangemouth in 1894, the 1,000-ton coaster SS Vina was originally used to transport cargo between England’s east coast and the Baltic. The Navy requisitioned it during the Second World War and it became a blockship to protect the port of Great Yarmouth. Later on, the RAF used it for target practice in preparation for the Normandy landings. Riddled with bullet holes, SS Vina dragged its anchor in 1944 during a gale, and finally sank. Too uneconomic to remove, the wreck has been stranded on one of the many sandbanks at the western end of Scolt Head Island ever since. In an area notorious for strong tidal currents, people have lost their lives attempting to visit the wreck on foot.

Brancaster Harbour is a natural harbour lying between Brancaster and Scolt Head Island nature reserve on Norfolk’s north coast. You can get a ferry to Scolt Head Island at high water, or with care you can walk at low water. We advise you read the safety signs before doing so.