'I was working nights that week, so when I got paged, I was in bed. I drove down to the lifeboat station in Tshirt and pants!

'Without help, that kitesurfer was going to get seriously hurt. Those rocks are needle sharp – it’s about the most unforgiving place you’d want to come ashore, especially when tied up in rope without freedom of movement. 

Photo: RNLI/Nigel Millard

'The worst moment was when I realised quite how shallow it was beneath us. It’s a really bad day at the office when you put a hole through your lifeboat.

'The crew that day were second to none. You can’t go back to normal life straight away after a shout like that. You spend 5 minutes hurtling towards someone drowning or in difficulty, then 20 minutes later you’re back on land. The adrenaline’s pumping. I couldn’t sleep. But I did go back home to find my trousers!'

Chris 'Bee' Missen

Police Officer and Crew Member