‘My dog was off the lead and ran on to the beach. I followed in my 4x4. But the tide was coming in fast and I couldn’t get to him. 

‘By the time I got back into the car the beach was flooded. That’s when I called 999. Soon, the door wouldn’t open. I knew I was in trouble. 

‘I was just about to swim when the lifeboat arrived. Thankfully the dog was okay. But I’d dropped my fleece, which had my phone in it, in the water. A week later, someone found it and we recovered 2,600 photos – mostly of my grandkids. So I was triply lucky: my dog, my photos, and my life! 

‘The rescue really makes you realise what a great job RNLI volunteers do. I’m eternally grateful. The relief at being safe will be etched on my mind forever.’